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October 24 2017


“you don’t get to call yourself gay, you’re bi” but it’s the gay community, gay rights, gay pride parade. when they hit me, it was for being gay. when i look at myself i try to measure the parts of me that fit into the slot; i’m 80% gay even on a straight day. when i kneeled to pray it was begging away the gay part. when i do something wrong, it’s gay. 

when she was dating me, she was terrified of me leaving. “you’ll marry a man,” she said, “you’re bi, none of you are really gay.” when i left her for a man i felt those words like red nails inside me. when another of us commits suicide, a gay boy and i stand outside the funeral and he spits before going inside. “this is because y’all can’t make up your goddamn mind. he couldn’t even decide if he wanted to stay alive”. when i stand and hold hands with a trans boy at a pride rally, someone throws dirt at me. “go home, hetero,” and i feel like it’s better just to leave. “i just feel like shelters shouldn’t let bi people in. they can go to the straight ones. leave the shelter space for a real gay person.” my friend is out on the street at sixteen because she’s bi. in four years, she is dead. “bi people are untrustworthy” “bi people are slutty” “bi people don’t exist” “being bi is a sign of mental illness.”

too gay, i guess, for straight people. but not gay enough to call myself one. not gay enough, even when any other word i use to define myself comes with “slur connotations.” even when they beat me for it. even when i know people who died for it. even when. 

“i don’t know why bi people get upset we don’t make gay rights about them” a sigh, long-suffering, “you guys have no idea what kind of trouble we’re in.”


how i think i explain my ideas: simple but thought out, easy to understand and really compelling 

how i actually explain my ideas:

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old art from june…. i love he

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Pumpkin Meowchi

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snapchat, insta, and quidditch=games that gryffindor JUST CAN’T LOSE. 

amazing illos & hilarz captions created exclusively for SparkNotes by the awesome @sasmilledge

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키스 생일축하해~~!!!

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pls go to brazil

where is young thug

Please send feet pics

show bobs and vangene

Please excuse the bones

Here Lies Johnny Pisshands

None Pizza Left Beef

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the father, the son and the holy spirit



If you are lonely, dim all lights and put on a horror-movie. After a while it won’t feel like you are alone anymore.

October 23 2017

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Plenty of you lovely book nerds already spotted it but now I can share my Six of Crows gang illustration for the @illumicrate Grisha Box! ✨ 

For those asking: it’s currently exclusive to Illumicrate but might be available in my shop in a few months, if I can sort it out :)

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you might think that bonnie’s the nerd but theyre actually both dorks and im love them

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so I found an Anet employee the other day

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the absolute best gif the MLP fandom ever produced is this one

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Reposted bysmoke11wujcioBat


Do you guys ever say the wrong thing in a conversation and then have it haunt you for months or years afterwards like a social anxiety poltergeist?

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