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August 14 2017


There were several times as a child where I just stopped what I was doing and told myself, “Never forget this moment. Remember this moment for your whole life. You’re now allowed to forget it.”

So now I look back and try to remember my childhood birthdays and happiest moments and… nada. That one time I stopped and hyperfocused on a patch of moss in the woods? Crystal clear.

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*checks calendar in fucking disbelief *

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I once read about an aquarium that trained the dolphins to pick up any debris in the tank and give it to the trainer in exchange for fish. One dolphin started started hiding paper under a rock and then breaking off small pieces to give the trainer. She also realized that she could get fish for catching a seagull. She soon started to stockpile fish to use as seagull bait, thus creating an exponentially larger seagull problem. Then she taught the other dolphins, which made it worse. So if you ever think dolphins are cute, remember that these little assholes create capitalism of their own volition and are not to be trusted. 

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Pittsburgh Weekly Gazette, Pennsylvania, August 16, 1905


13 year old me was soooo damn proud of not being like other girls because I wasn’t “‘‘‘‘‘boy crazy’‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘ hooty hoo dumbass there’s a reason for that

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What a Dad💕

August 13 2017

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im going thru my follower list and blocking everyone who i think is a robot and man some of yall dont make it easy to see if youre a human or not by first glance i respect your aesthetics but also holy fuck

like is this a human being or is this a robots approximation of human absurdity 

Is This A Human Fucking Being

alan turing is laughing at us right now



As a fan, you are an observer. The creator of a work has no obligation to you. A work is an expression of the creator and isn’t necessarily designed for your consumption or to please you. If you do not agree with a work, do not support the work. Your place is not to accost the creator(s) and demand that their content be made consistent with your vision or imagined path for that work.

August 12 2017

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August 11 2017

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Kitten Bee

A tiny predator to hunt mosquitoes, aphids, and other pests for you!  Keeps company with bumble bees and honey bees, purrs are very smol.

Prints - https://www.etsy.com/listing/550051517/kitten-bee-print

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never let anyone make you feel bad for outgrowing them. never make toxic, stagnant people make you feel bad for choosing not to rot w them


just because a television show doesn’t actively address a specific issue doesn’t mean they’re actively avoiding it either. you know what happens when you try to stuff every possible social debate under the sun into one show?

you get glee.

that’s what happens.

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got stressed out, drew pnf because its the ultimate positive summer vibes

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