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May 23 2018

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the promise of the world.

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a resume is just a ref for your worksona

if this post makes you angry you should be angry at your boss not me



naruto threw the first brick at stonewall and sasuke Was the first brick

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Pigtail Pals 🐷🎀


dont tell anyone because its top secret but i just got the next tumblr update early and notes become like a currency that you can use to buy different outfits for your posts



old people be like: these kids have no respect for anyone

also old people: te arunca de pe locul din autobuz desi ai abonament si mana rupta; comenteaza aiurea si te umilesc in public desi nu te cunosc; se baga in fata ta fiindca nu erau siguri deca ajunsesera inainte lor sau dupa: fac pe sfintii desi probabil ar trebui sa aiba dosar penal si au mai multe pacate decat satana


Young people gossip so much and are so judgemental

*gossip in the church, fat shame and slut shame anyone they see on the street*

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A church in Norway built in 1181 without any nails.

of all the things to highlight about this building the lack of nails is not the thing I would have expected 

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wait do those tin can phones really work?? I thought this was all a myth.

I just looked up a video this is wild I’m making one tomorrow

in my high school Art 4 class while we were no doubt supposed to be getting ready for a Very important Art Show, two of my friends made one of these phones but instead of talking into it they would write messages and clip it to the string and slide it across the string to the other and when the art teacher asked why they said “we’re texting” and she could not BELIEVE it, this was the FUNNIEST thing she’d heard all year

so she got on her office phone and called the principal and said “two girls are texting in my classroom I need you to come take their phones and issue them detentions” and we all waited like assholes for him to show up and when he asked where they were she gestured at my friends “texting” on their tin can phone and my principal was already a pretty tired dude but that was the most exhausted I think he ever looked.

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Not gonna lie, this was such a power move I debated moving to Sweden.

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🔫 the best girls are in town 🖕 

available as a 11x17 print at Anime North! (and through my storenvy)

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what do u mean off didnt end this way



we are not born to die!! what are you talking about!! do you think a book begins just to finish? do you think a song opens with a beautiful chord just for it to end? you don’t read the book to finish it, you read the book to eat up the excitement and the emotions it evokes!! to learn and to digest and to fall in love and be heartbroken!! you listen to the song to dance and dance and sing your throat raw!!! to cry and smile and swell with the harmonies!! yes, we are born with the inevitable fate of death, we are mortal after all, but that is merely the finale of the play!! the final act, the closing of the curtains - we are not born to take a bow and exit stage left!! we are born to love and be joyous and yell and move and learn and cry and feelfeelfeel!!!  we are not born to die, silly, we’re born to live!!!

2018 mood

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