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May 23 2018

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Your social justice should be founded on love for others, not on a desire to be the most visibly enlightened.

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Every generation has a story.

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Purple, red,  and yellow: my most tried and true color scheme. [x] [x] [x] [x]




I agree john mulaney is probably an immortal akin to beings such as keanu reeves and jeff goldblum but he’s like a new born baby immortal who is looking at the long long expanse of a lifetime he has in front of him and is already tired

jeff golblum is thousands of years old and loving it. john mulaney was born in 1901 and ever since 1924 it’s gone downhill for him

So to be clear, the immortal timeline seems to be:

John Mulaney - early 20th century

Eric Andre - Probably 17th century or so.

Taika Waititi - Elizabethan age, probably hung out with Shakespeare

Keanu Reeves - We think sometime around Alexander the Great, but he seems to have just sprung up fully formed.

Jeff Goldblum - 100% Biblical times, may or may not be King Solomon.

Tommy Wiseau - Indeterminate, may be the first Homo Sapiens.


Gen z culture is growing up with 90’s technology like vhs and dial up internet and then having a bunch of whiny adults sanctimoniously try to tell you that you can’t remember what it was like to use those things.

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Deadpool and Spiderman: Heartmates.



mario is so funny as a character because he’s such a good person but that doesn’t stop him from regularly fighting a toddler

mario @ bowser jr every time he gets in the way of him giving his dad an old school ass whooping for the 280th time 









The first time you see how cashew nuts grow, you’re gonna think somebody’s posting a joke picture or a weird art installation.

ok but you say this….then don’t give us pictures 


And it gets even weirder!

The shell of the nut itself:

contains a resin that’s so toxic just touching it causes burns to the skin, similar to poison ivy. Which is why cashews are never sold unshelled, because processing them requires safety measures like this:

How humanity ever figured out to eat this nut is beyond me.

In case you ever wondered why cashews are so expensive. Now you can wonder why they aren’t more expensive.

what i’m wondering now is how anybody ever found out that you could eat cashews

OK but you seem to underestimate how scarce food could get for people, and how desperate they become to try anything. If eating it raw kills you? try cooking it because we’re gonna starve to death anyway. Cooking it kills you? Try cooking it a different way. Touching it is painful? Try washing it, or extracting the inner bit and washing that.

There’s this plant that’s eaten by aboriginal people of australia around where I live. Only certain parts of this plant can be eaten, and even then only if those parts are cooked exactly right, kept at a certain temperature for a certain amount of time. And it has to be exactly that amount of time as both undercooking it AND overcooking it are deadly.

The history of food is a history fraught with countless, terrible deaths because we are so stubborn that when faced with starvation, we will fucking eat poison again and again until it’s not poison anymore.

Some Paleolithic chef “I know like five people died already, but I think I got it this time.”

Some different, starving, Paleolithic person “fuck it bro. Gimme the nut.”

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May 22 2018


depression: who would ever love you?



it be…. @gamzeeweek

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More snaps

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Rarity was having a bad day but thankfully Pinkie’s here to make it all better!!

Put the torches and pitchforks away. Take it from an animation professional.




There are a few reasons why you shouldn’t whine every time there’s a reboot of something. Let’s use the new Thundercats as an example.

1. Thundercats doesn’t deserve to die. It’s a beloved property that should have a fair attempt at reaching a new generation of kids. Don’t let a misplaced sense of ownership to something that isn’t yours in the first place ruin a show for other people. You like the original? Good. You can always go watch it. A reboot of Thundercats doesn’t mean the original never happened. Think a reboot should be more action packed and play older? They tried it in 2011 and turns out viewers didn’t want it.


Consider that the new Thundercats Roar may actually do well because…

2. …it wasn’t made for you. The tastes of today’s kids are different than ours, just like how ours was different than the generation before us. Test yourself by watching the original Thundercats. And by watching it I mean actually watching several entire episodes from start to finish. Most likely you’re going to get bored and want to change it to something else. A comedic adaptation of it could just be what revives interest in the Thundercats.

3. You already know and trust the artists. You trusted them when they helped make shows like OK KO, Motorcity, Rick and Morty, etc.. They’re bringing that passion and expertise with them to Thundercats Roar.  You’d be surprised at how much a network relies on the artists’ unique voices to make their shows stand out. Just from TC Roar’s sick intro you should know that this show is bringing something to the table.

4. It’s opening doors for the things you love. Whether you like it or not, reboots like Teen Titan GO and Ben 10 are successful and kids love them. While you don’t have to love them too, you should appreciate them. It’s because of the success of shows like these that networks can have the resources to explore new original content. This is how progress is made. This is why cartoons aren’t just cat and mouse chases anymore. Who knows, maybe a network will even end up developing an original show so successful that in 10 years time trolls on the internet will hate its reboot.

5. If you’re an aspiring artist, this isn’t a good look for you. Go through your favorite artists’ twitters and tumblrs and see if they have ever said anything bad about any animated shows. You’ll find nothing, why? It’s because this is an industry of cooperation and support for your fellow artists.

A good portion of the people I follow online are artists trying to break into the industry. We see the things you say. Your rants don’t make you sound like an animation connoisseur. It makes you sound toxic and jaded about an industry you haven’t even set foot in yet. Why would a production want to commit to hiring someone they think will just be rolling their eyes at the designs the whole time?

Number 5 is the big one here.

Are cows NOT domesticated farm animals in “Steven Universe?”



In “Full Disclosure,” we see Steven swipe through the photos on his phone, and there’s this one of Steven and Connie at a restaurant. 

Notice the painting and the stuffed cow head. Stuffing and mounting an animal’s head is usually what you do with an animal that you’ve hunted and killed, not with domesticated farm animals that are slaughtered for their meat. 

And that painting is based on a real painting of Theodore Roosevelt, who was (among many other things) a big game hunter. 

And then there’s this line from Garnet in “Too Far:”

Are cows a wild animal that people hunt for sport in this universe?

You: White Diamond

Me, an intellectual: Steven Universe cow lore


i thought the bermuda triangle was gonna be a huge problem when i was younger

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So- *puts hands together* I’ve been playing and drawing a lot of Monster Prom lately. You can easily tell that it’s Oz who stole my heart, and I want this nerd to be happy and in love with their cute monster girlfriend/boyfriend.

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